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Importance of a Career Advisor?

Clarity is essential from the individual's perspective while opting for a profession. Mimicking social trends while choosing a profession could prove fatal to one's own career path. Career Advisors at FutureCaptains are catalysts who help students and professionals to align their interests and skills with the best suitable professional roles. Reaching out to a mentor will help you make informed career choices.

Are YOU prepared to embark on your career journey?

Why FutureCaptains?

Career is an important life decision that needs to be taken based on accurate information & under the guidance of experts. We at FutureCaptains,

Have provided career advice and mentoring for students PAN India

Provide skill development and training for college & school students to stay updated with the current trends

Provide industry-specific employability skills working professionals & placement support for freshers

Assist with career transition for working professionals.


Pandemic has redefined "jobs and job security". FutureCaptains ensures that career selection is hinged upon overcoming such changing scenarios and global challenges. Our well-researched strategic approach helps you wade through the red ocean of competition and create a successful and stable career. Career advisors at FutureCaptains will chart out a tailor made career path for you based on your unique talents and strengths.

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  •   Talk to the pre-counsellor.
  •   Find a customised solution.
  •   Sign up for a suitable program.
  •   Zoom ahead to your dream career goals.

FutureCaptains is a pioneer in career building, career growth and career changes.Career mapping and choosing the best suited subjects need an in-depth analysis of the person's aptitude and attitude. They cannot be based upon mere likes or pressures. A wrongly chosen profession can scar a person's confidence and esteem for the rest of their life. We assist you in career exploration, job analysis and in building pathways of study.

Built upon the Precious P's, FutureCaptains is one stop solution for all career needs, that helps


Accurate talent prediction with our psychometric


Get mentored and prepared for the future with our expertise.


Enhance your skills with internships, externships, volunteering, etc.


Standout with a professional sleek resume and strong portfolio.


Innovative and job-specific skill-training that assure guaranteed job placement.

Know the direction of your dreams
as a student/job aspirant.

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Turbo-boost the speed of your career growth & career shift as a working professional.

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The first step to success in the constantly changing global economy is to find the most suitable field of work that resonates with the unique you. There are innumerable career streams that one can dive into. We have summed up a few predominant career clusters,

Agriculture. Food and Natural Resources. Architecture and Construction. Arts, A/V Technology and Communications. Business, Management and Administration. Engineering and Mathematics. Finance. Health Sciences. Hospitality and Tourism. Human Services. Information Technology. Law. Manufacturing. Marketing, Sales and Service. Public Safety, Corrections, and Security. Science and Technology. Transportation, Distribution and Logistics.

Find out what you can do with your degree

We care for your dreams and you.

Every step matters the most in the pursuit of a career goal. We bring-forth years of research, analysis, expertise and a passion to create a complete customised support system for every user.
Building career cognizance Bespoke career plans for every candidate Portfolio creation Assessments and analyses Goal setting Certifications and Training Scholarships Building a network Resume development and cover letter

The journey continues…


Our inspiration is your success. Words of love from our clients,

Customer Testimonails

The career counselling service organised by FutureCaptains with Mrs.Padmini was splendid as she understood my daughter as a person very well regarding her character & personality by studying Reports generated from Psychometry tests done by my daughter online as well as personal discussion. She also suggested and guided my daughter the appropriate career to pursue in the future which would also suit her personality so that she would do it passionately.

S. Surya Narayanan
Customer Testimonails

We have to congratulate the FutureCaptains team for having conducted the entire career counseling exercise with high degree of professionalism. A seasoned counselor like padmini madam could bring to the table the knowledge and experience , guide us in the most practical manner, giving us a great sense of clarity

ACL Kalpana
Customer Testimonails

Kudos to FutureCaptains. A rare combo of human centric approach to understanding, engendering congruence in feeling and expression..facilitating an unconditional positive regard for self and the other! A marvel in creation and catalyzing! Thanks to the team for helping me gain direction in life.

Keerthana Balakrishnan
Customer Testimonails

We were introduced to Futurecaptains by some friends who sent us a link to one of the introductory talks. We, as parents & our daughter, as a 12th student, needed guidance regarding our options, post school. We picked a package offered by Futurecaptains, which included a career personality profiling test, analysis & personal ( one on one) discussion with a counsellor. We were assigned to Mrs Vasanthi. She had already given us an in depth assessment of what career would most aptly suit my daughter's personality & why. Further, during the one on one, she was able to suggest the logic behind every suggestions she made. She gave us ample time to consider & debate our choices. She was easy to talk to & clarified all of our queries. She opened our minds to a gamut of opportunities & how to go about getting there. It has played a major role in helping our daughter decide on what she can be happy & fulfilled doing for the rest of her life.

Dr Mala Natrayan
Customer Testimonails

I was first introduced to Future Captains through a classmate for the purpose of career guidance. My initial experience with the team involved a group career counseling session, which interested me in pursuing more guidance from Team FC. With this aim, I sought out a one-on-one career guidance session which included a personality profiling, English assessment as well as a personalized career assessment report. FC Counsellors was assigned to me as my personal career guidance counselor and they helped me narrow down my options for my college courses as well as a potential future career by means of her analysis of my assessments. The advice provided to me has been invaluable in helping me make my decision and strengthen my confidence in the vision I see of myself in the future. My heartfelt thanks to FC Counsellors and Team Future Captains for their constant support and guidance in ensuring my success in the future.

Nidhi Premkumar, Class 12, BVM
Customer Testimonails

Before I heard of Future Captains, I was not very sure of whether the degree I am currently doing right now was the right thing to do. Future Captains was very helpful in giving guidance and excellent career options to chose from based on my personality and interests. After a session with one of their senior counsellors, I now have a much clearer idea on what I want and what I need to do to achieve it. They are efficient, unbiased and wonderful in giving suggestions and advice on the next steps. They respected my interests and opinions on my take on what I needed to in a job, and gently guided me along. So, overall, registering myself in Future Captains was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Customer Testimonails

I came to know about FutureCaptians through my friend so I enrolled for my son. At present he is studying in class 10. We want to have proper guidence for him to choose his career and we were not disappointed at all. They assessed him and suggested to take a course which suits him. FC Counsellors guided us and cleared our doubts regarding the selection of courses and also out of personal interest FC Counsellor gave suggestion how to help my son. I would strongly suggest any one to take guidance from FutureCaptains


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