About Us

We provide bespoke career solutions for individuals to help them build their dream careers.

Who We Are?

We are career experts with a vision to provide and help implement career solutions. Be it aspiring individuals or companies looking for workspace solutions, we handle them all.

FutureCaptains is a committed social enterprise that is always on the lookout to help students achieve their goals and fulfill their career needs. We understand the confusion and fear faced by parents and students. Every individual always reaches a threshold where they have to decide whether to pursue the same career or opt for a career change. Our team of passionate educators, expert career coaches, mentors, and experienced professionals from various fields, are determined to resolve the career-related challenges and challenges that are faced by individuals and also help employers hire suitable talent with optimum resource utilization.

Our Approach

With our unique processes that allow 360-degree support, our scientific approach, and the latest advanced tools adopted by us, we provide in-depth solutions, that address:

  • all the career preparatory needs of school children,
  • all the career needs of college students,
  • all the career-based upskilling of aspiring job-seekers
  • all the training needed to implement dynamic career changes for working professionals,
  • all the hiring needs, upskilling needs of companies

Assessments based on industry-approved techniques, extensive research, form a crucial part of our approach. Our core team has been contributing to the growth of several individuals and companies, through their critical thinking, strategical approach, and individualized approach. We believe every individual’s strength is his/her uniqueness which needs to be tapped out in a way to unleash their best career pathway


Subject selection is crucial but can be confusing at times. Understand the field of study before you choose your subjects. Apply for the best colleges in India or abroad, to kickstart your career journey in the right DIRECTION.
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Your job may be a very popular role. But is it giving you true job satisfaction? Do you believe you can achieve much more? Then it is time to make a career change. Understand the requirements for every job change and ensure your career transition is smooth and successful. Set the VELOCITY of career growth path. Discuss with the Experts.


Retaining talented employees, hiring suitable talent are two effective strategies to push the company’s success graph high. Being cost-effective, time-effective, and acquiring people with the right skills and commitment are smart ways to achieve this. Smartly utilize your precious resource TIME. We would love to Discuss MORE.

Our Team

Founder & CEO


Tamilselvan is the Founder and CEO of FutureCaptains He has worked with various organizations like Hexaware, Wipro & Cognizant. During this period, Tamilselvan understood the fabric of human resources and identified the huge gap between the industry demand and supply. This led him to found futurecaptains.com with the ambition of making the next generation better skilled and employable.

Tamilselvan holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Masters in Business Administration from University of Madras, Chennai with more 17+ years of HR experience in Talent Acquisition, Talent Supply Chain and Talent Management. Tamilselvan has decided to set the vision of creating a happy workforce, by providing students with a platform, that caters to career decision making, career enabling and career transformation.

Tamilselvan has dedicated himself towards the mission of "Right career, for the right person, at the right time".

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We strive to provide our students/professionals with top notch services to make their future brighter.