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Don’t stay in confusion over choosing the subjects you want to pursue. When in doubt seek expert advice rather than regret later. Because the FIRST CAREER choice is a precious dream that should be pursued with passion and persistence.

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Discover the direction of your career journey, based on your actual strengths and not based on your marks.

  • We do a comprehensive evaluation of the candidate’s interests, attitude and personality.

  • Through our unique expert-based and scientific-driven approach, we analyse the candidate’s actual strengths, key performance areas.

  • Effective engagement with expert counsellors to navigate through suitable subject choices.

  • Exploration of the college and University options in the chosen stream.

  • Boost your confidence through our constant support and score to win.

  • Understand which field suits you best. Get complete assistance to identify and select the best courses and colleges.

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For School Students

Marks are not the key to career goals. Clear all your confusions and choose your subjects fearlessly. Explore different streams and choose what suits you.

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For College Students

Step ahead with confidence towards your career goals. Build your career in the way you aspired not based on trends or pressures.

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  • Enrol with FutureCaptains
  • Take our Career Assessments
  • Schedule a counselling session
  • Meet the expert
  • Create personalized career plans
  • Build your Portfolio
  • Get mentored by experts
  • Enroll for internship, volunteering & externship.


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Does FutureCaptains help in getting through colleges anywhere in our country?
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Internships are generally for graduates or University goers. How do they help school students?

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