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How to Appear for an Interview

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Any person who wants to pursue a career has come across at least one interview call. An interview is nothing but a formal conversation between two people where one person acts as an interviewer and the other as an interviewee.

A series of questions are asked and the qualifications and skills of the candidate are judged accordingly. Sounds pretty simple, right?

However, for many people an interview is indeed a nightmare arousing a very familiar feeling of anxiety. An interview which is just around the corner can be aced by following these simple steps -




Researching about the company and the interviewer is just a simple advice that never seems to lose its luster with time.

  • Gather all information regarding the objectives, ideals and the inception of the company.
  • Use tools like Vault, CareerSearch or The Riley Guide to know more about the organization.
  • Look up the company’s profile on Linkedin.
  • Assess the client base of the organization.
  • Go through the latest achievements trending on the news portals.

Getting to know the interviewer better before the interview can never backfire.

  • Gather information regarding the background and basic temperament of the interviewer.
  • Find out some common interests with the interviewer to ease the feeling of anxiety.
  • Go prepared with a list of relevant questions to ask about the functioning of the organization.
  • Always enquire about the next step before leaving the interview room.

Never be afraid to take help from the people who are already engaged with the organization. This will help in getting a better insight of the situation.




This might project an image of a person practicing his answers nervously a day before the interview. No matter how cliché it sounds, it is indeed necessary.

  • Study the job description thoroughly.
  • Be prepared with a set of basic questions relating to strengths and weaknesses.
  • Always have an appropriate reason for joining the organization.
  • Plan answers to the three toughest questions well in advance.




The dressing senses of an employee van either makes or break the very first impression.

  • Trust neutral colors blindly.
  • Plug the iron, look well groomed.
  • Maintain proper hygiene. Do not look shabby.
  • A coat for men and a sari for women are always safe bets.
  • Try to fit in, not stand out.
  • Remember, it is always better to err on the conservative side




Assumptions must be avoided at all costs. A ready briefcase can go a long way in helping in the preparation for the big day.

  • Arrange a copy of the resume for each of the panel members.
  • Keep anything that might be required in the morning ready and within reach, including the house keys.
  • Never forget the portfolio along with writing samples if required. 


Job interviews are exciting! With a little preparation, stress can be nipped right in the bud. The steps that have been listed above will prove to be very helpful in the preparation for the big day. So, say goodbye to worries and be ready to walk into the interview with a confident stride and greet the interviewers with a firm and assuring handshake.



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