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Soft Skills to help you excel at your Job Place

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Not being talented enough, fortunate enough, resourceful enough etc. are common excuses that people use to justify their failure in life. The main ingredients required for success are undoubtedly relentless and incessant pursuit for success and discipline to match the same.

Here, ten things are listed that do not require any talent but can be nurtured through discipline. These directly do not lead to success. However, cumulatively they are strong enough to make or break a person’s career.


1.   Being on time

  1. Time is indeed the most valuable commodity. Once lost, it can never be gained back, no matter what.
  2. Make it a point to arrive early. Always set the watch five to ten minutes early.
  3. Settle down and make preparations before the other people even arrive at the venue.
  4. Being on time gives the impression of being organized and orderly.
  5. Lack of punctuality shows lack of basic self - respect.


2.   Work Ethic


  1. Karma is an endless cycle. What goes around comes around.
  2. Do not fall prey to instant gratification.
  3. Try to put in the maximum effort that is required to achieve the objective of a task.
  4. Build endurance and be strong mentally as well as physically.


3.   Effort


  1. Less effort will yield less rewards.
  2. Avoid multi-tasking and focus on one thing at a time.
  3. Channelize all effort in one positive direction.


4.   Body Language


  1. Body language of a person gives away more than words ever will.
  2. Utilize the science of reading body language to read the thoughts of others.
  3. Implement strategic body language in personal life like eye contact, power poses and many more.


5.   Energy


  1. Don’t put in energy in a task in proportion to state of mind and heart at that moment.
  2. Always take actions based on values, principles and priorities.
  3. To ensure proper energy levels, lead a healthy lifestyle. 


6.   Attitude


  1. Always have a positive attitude towards circumstances and people in general.
  2. A positive attitude has direct impact on a person’s body language which in turn has impact on the chances of success.
  3. Body language of a person also impacts other people in the surroundings.


7.   Passion


  1. Never be afraid to follow the fire inside. It will lead to unimaginable success.
  2. Work will seem like play if passion is involved.


8.   Being Coachable


  1. Learn to listen to others.
  2. Never give up and always learn something new from failures.
  3. Listen to the advice of seniors and mentors. Utilize the value of their experience and respect them.
  4. The only way to come out of the endless cycle of making the same mistake time and time again is to learn from the mistakes of others.


9.   Doing Extra


  1. It is not possible to achieve more than anyone in the room if that extra effort is not put in.
  2. “Work whiles others party, learn while other play, save while others spend and live like others dream.”


10. Being Prepared


  1. Always be prepared to face the situation at hand.
  2. Never let lack of preparedness be the hindrance to your success.


Success doesn’t come with talent. It comes with persistent practice, a drive to never stop, a refusal to give up and optimism. These are skills and skills are learned and worked upon. 



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