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7 Reasons why Volunteering is Awesome and Important


During the final year of the college, students realize the need to get appealing GPA, attractive marks, outstanding performance in practical, and other cultural activities. But what about doing voluntary work for free?


Students don't usually have time to think about it while handling those stressful last days of the college. But let me tell you, it's a worth a shot.


A report published by National and Community Service Corporation tells us that doing voluntary services improves the ability to function and lowers the rate of later-life-depression. You can get to know your aspect of being that they never knew existed. You also may have strong social interaction and feeling of accomplishing something that adds to your life's purpose. So isn't it good?


Many people volunteer for something even on busy days. It’s always your priority to choose to volunteer in your respective areas of talent.


What if you end up with a voluntary service that you don't like to do? Just leave, or else you will volunteer just for the sake of attendance. Volunteering can be fun to do only if you enjoy it. And how can you enjoy this free service? You can do this by choosing the one that can enhance our talents and skills.


According to a survey, about 26.8 percent adults in America invested a number of 7.9 million hours in doing voluntary services in the year 2011. Another survey equated the amount of money earned by volunteers in the year 2011 and it was found to be 171 million dollars. Many other surveys found out that voluntary services can improve the economy as well as personal growth, saves local needs, increases physical health and etc.


#1Boosts the career and gets your real life experience


A study done in 2015 showed that recruiters usually prefer past volunteers more than a fresher. They don't even look at those grammar and spelling errors over voluntary activities. This shows that volunteering a service is a good choice with respect to career. It puts a nice impression in the eyes of recruiters.


Along with career, you also get to learn how the job is really like. You get hands-on experience in the field and you can realize your way of passion. You can start by doing several services, and you can ultimately choose what suits you the most.



#2 Feeling of accomplishing something


Admit it, everyone feels good after accomplishing something good. And voluntary services will give you that in plenty. You will get a feeling of being uplifted and happy. It's not a glorious job to do, but it’s important with respect to a career since it enhances your skills and talents. Usually, voluntary services involve helping others and to help someone in need is a great work of accomplishment.


  #3 Establishing new connections


Building relationship with people is higher in for a growth in a career than any other thing. Many people get high paying jobs due to referring system. It’s put you as a different individual, more likely as an employer. You will meet several people on the way while doing voluntary services. You will learn and develop new skills and talents.


#4 For your own well-being


It can be hard to believe this since we never thought about it. But studies have shown the proved results that health improves by doing voluntary services. Stress, anxiety, depression, frustration etc causes major problems in life. And volunteering helps you to shift the focus of your mind to the problems of someone else. It disrupts the pattern and gives you a purpose in life. It boosts your confidence and makes you emotionally stable.


 #5 Travel and languages


Voluntary services from abroad haveits own perks. You get to learn new languages, behavioral challenges, walking style, food differences and so on. The work you are supposed to do will affect the people and the organization you are working for. And the plus point is that new languages increase your brain's capacity to perceive things in a better way.



#6It's fun


Volunteering for the work that increases your talents is more than anything you need for your career growth. You can do writing services, driving, cooking, teaching anything and pick one that makes you more comfortable. You will surely enjoy it if you love working in that particular field.


#7Do something great


Volunteering is a boon if you get a good opportunity. You will have several responsibilities to handle which in turn can teach you time management. Helping others is a great service, and it isn't troublesome to do something good for others and earn increased career growth at the same time.


Becoming a volunteer is something that every student should look up to. They can gain knowledge, work experience, increased confidence, sense of relief, and most importantly, you will boost your career.

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