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10 things that require no talent

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Things that require no talent require skill. And to maintain that skill, they say, you require the will. That’s how champions are made. Without further ado, following is the list of those 10 operating words that require absolute no talent but a consistent practice.


1. Punctuality: Being punctual to somewhere is a skill, a part of the planning, a habit which needs no talent. Whether you are an interviewee or the CEO of a multi-national company, being on time makes you professional and respectful towards your work and job.


2. Adaptability: Being able to change as per the situation takes no extraordinary talent. All it requires a thoughtful approach towards the change; an insight that nothing is permanent and things at the workplace are bound to vary. Adaptability is a quality with no talent which is a must have for the newbies and the students who seek success.


3. Keep Trying: Perseverance, never giving up, keeps trying; all these practices need no additional talent because it is a frame of mind, a mannerism, a fixed attitude that you ought to keep working toward your goal until you achieve it.


4. Passion: Had SainaNehwal not been passionate about her sport and dedicated towards it, she won’t have been called the world class Badminton Player. Passion drives your work force into actuality; brings your practice into fruition. A person needs no talent to be passionate about their work and it is followed by dedication, discipline and commitment.


5. Work Ethic: All the things mentioned above can be included in the work ethic. You devotion towards your work, your never ending efforts, innovation, will power to make things happen, commitment with your project and planning with the help of which you will bring your plans into execution. And this is NO exceptional talent.


6. Attitude: How you take criticism, how you manage without feedback, how you handle appreciation is what your attitude speaks about you and your professionalism. It takes no special talent to have a positive attitude. Because an optimistic approach in an adverse situation is not called being Naive, it is called LEADERSHIP.


7. Awareness: Your fondness to read news of the day, your desire to stay updated in a world of cut throat competition, your all round developed knowledge about everything that your work relates with or not, is what awareness is about. Now does it need to be talented to be aware of what is going on in the world? It doesn’t.


8. Bye-Bye Bad Habits: Bad habits being indiscipline, procrastination, laziness, not researching, anti-socialism, all these habits need to be bidden a goodbye when you are aspiring to climb the stairs of success because a change in lifestyle is the first step towards a change in LIFE. It takes consistency and not a talent.


9. Body Language: A firm handshake, a steady positive walk, a smiling face, eyes full of confidence, eye contact while speaking to someone or a mass and a mouth full of polite but bold words need no phenomenal talent but a learning on how to present yourself. No-one likes a wet-fish handshake or a lethargic body language on field.


10.  Doing Extra: What an extra effort could create, how an action made with a thought of ‘I will do extra today’ bring wonders need no talent whatsoever because it’s all a matter of an insight of doing it a bit more because no-one else did for a result that no-one else thought.


Success doesn’t come with talent. It comes with persistent practice, a drive to never stop, a refusal to give up and optimism. These are skills and skills are learned and worked upon. 

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