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career counseling after schooling

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Why is it important to take career counseling  after schooling?


The traditional idea of career counseling had been to get guidance when one desires to have a change of career.  But things have changed ever since counseling career gained recognition.

The notable point here is the change of career that happens in the life of many people. The most common reasons are the undesirable choices they made in the past while choosing their career. This is why career counseling is important for all grades of students so that they don't force themselves to work in future for that they never had any inclination.

Students in school choose their career either based on the most picked one, or some friend's counsel. It becomes, therefore, too late to understand that their choice wasn't compatible with their nature of work.

Why should you take career counseling?


It is quite difficult to make the right career choice after the school and the reason is unhappiness. Today, about 1 out of 3 students in their college life are not happy with their respective courses. This is because of the wrong choice they made. The figures get high when we see the bigger picture.

That makes more than half of the entire college students. Career counseling is certainly important for school for having properly shaped career ahead without any guilt.

Such a session gives you the information about the kind, of course, you should take based on your abilities and interests. Sometimes student pursues acareer in architecture thinking that they are good at drawing and math. The course, however, shows them the reality of architecture that is much more than just math and drawing.

Good career counseling helps you to make thecorrect decision in career and stops you from commuting to such mistakes.

Sometimes, thestudentends up taking a psychometric test from several websites that ensure of showing weaknesses and strengths through the medium of interest and aptitude. Even thoughthe test alone can be helpful, but it’s not the ultimate solution. You might, at times, get the result that doesn't necessarily match your interest.

For instance, a student is good at math but the interest lies in writing; what choice of career would be right for him?

At this time, a career counselor can help the student in finding the solution to his bewilderment. They will provide advantages and disadvantages of choosing both the options along with right alternatives. This will make their choices clearer and they are not likely to change their field or job in mere future.

Another point is the mistake that students make while choosing acareer is to get advice from anyone. This is especially not right if the person doesn't have any good experience of the field that the student is interested to take. This is another reason for the availability of good career counselors in schools so that students don't end up taking wrong decisions under the influence of someone inexperienced.

Benefits of career counseling

Test and support

Career counseling session initializes their own tests, which helps the student to know the connection between their interests and career. The counselors help the students with respect to career building, even if most of the students have equal performance. Such tests under the guidance of a good counselor help the student to get strong intellectual power.

Career guide

There were various instances where students choose to be a teacher just because of their family background. It was later that they realized that the choice of their profession is not compatible with their interest. A good counseling helps you to get the real picture of what your interests really are.

Destroys bewilderment

Most of the time, as soon as they pass out from the school they are forced to make instant choice of the most important thing of your life: career. They don’t even get a clear idea of the choice of career they should make. This is where the career counselor can help the students. They bring out abilities of the students so that they can make right choices without wasting their time in taking advice from inexperienced people.

Career and education

Sometimes students already decide, fill up the forms of further education in higher studies and they are still unsure of their choice. This is where counseling can help you get aproper perspective onthe career you chose.

Extra information

This is maybe the most important facet of the list of career counseling benefits. This is how the career counselor helps you in with giving avariety of choices related to career and multiple fields out there. The market value, as well as future scope, is also well explained by the career counselors. If the student is inclined to write, he will be informed all about writing and its scope in future. His writing might go waste and career can also adversely get affected if he decides to take the field that his friends have chosen.

Motivation and support

Everyone needs themotivation to do something, even for the field they are going to pursue. The regular career counseling sessions provide them the motivation regarding the field they choose. Along with that, even after the students have already taken admission in higher studies, they can still take supportive help and guidance from the career counselors.

There have many schools in CBSE that have compulsory career counseling sessions, and yet students are facing problems related to it. The reason is the limited number of counselors present at schools. The official ratings show that there are still 92% of school students who lack school career guidance.

Since the career depends on the decision taken by the students in the school, it is mandatory to have experienced counselors for them at theearly age of their lives.


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